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MelMod for Melon Playground is a bridge between the Melon Playground platform and the Ethereum blockchain.
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MelMod for Melon Playground is a game that is an educational tool that teaches students about the money market in real time. The game is based on the fact that there are two aspects of the money market: one is a financial market where banks and other financial institutions invest their capital, and another is the government’s monetary policy.

All your stats can be tracked, you get new items and abilities, and you even chat with other players. In this game, you will learn how to invest your capital in order to make more money.

As a result of their government backing, government bonds are considered safe investments. You will also learn how these two aspects affect the global economy and how they interact.

With this, you can create your own smart contract and use it to manage your investments in the Melon fund. MelMod provides you with an easy-to-use interface that lets you create a smart contract in just a few minutes.

Features of MelMod for Melon Playground

Chain configures character 

A distinctive green stickman appears in front of you. Melon playground character mod is specially made up of many shapes. It is possible to disassemble a character’s chain and assemble other parts. Furthermore, finding the right and valid strategy depends on what lies ahead.

Standing, moving, and overcoming

You are faced with obstacles in your path. You can’t move forward if they stop you from moving forward. This applies to obstacles that are just standing still and not moving. The obstacles will still be able to move as you ascend to higher levels.

Moreover, Melon Playground also surprises you when your opponent is a perfect replica of you. You have to fight yourself now, even though it sounds silly. Each weapon in the collection can be used to control the character and conquer the enemy. The player may take the parts of this enemy if it kills him.

Magic syrine disappears enemies 

The syringe is one of Melon Playground’s most powerful weapons. When you use it, you can touch anyone and hit the enemy. You’ll soon see them disappear into the smoke, and the road will be smooth and empty. Additionally, you’ll find the most epic grenade launchers available.

Diverse resources 

The game offers a wide variety of resources. It also offers hats, shirts, pants, suitcases, and other accessories for customizing characters. Players simply touch any item and drag it into place to access the sandbox interface. The game offers a variety of functions, such as rotating, activating, freezing, disabling, burning, and a bunch more. As a result, static resources can be easily used by players.

Classic pixel graphics

Melon Playground mod menu uses classic 2D pixel graphics in all of its activities. Since all of the characters, resources, and clothing are based on real-life examples, they look pretty realistic.  It is still possible to distinguish between items despite their rough lines since they each have their own characteristics. Aside from that, it is a classic sandbox interface, like graphics design software. Simplicity creates a new feeling and stimulates players’ creativity.

Attack the Characters

You can use this method to get rid of melon creatures. It is possible to attack them with your fists or with your feet. You should come up with a variety of attack methods. It’s better to be brutal!

Use Explosives

There is always the option of exploring the melons. There are different kinds of explosives you can use to accomplish this. Some of the most common types are bombs and grenades. This is an effective method of removing melons quickly and easily.

Use Guns

It is possible to shoot melons with guns. You can find a more realistic approach with this option. There are also other types of weapons besides pistols, shotguns, and rifles.


The game interface of Melon Playground is extremely simple. The main screen only has a few function buttons, of which “Play” is the most important. To begin building, the player selects the map by selecting “Play”.

There are several types of maps, but they are all basically the same. This way, you can choose a map to try and explore other maps. As for the game map, players will find a real sandbox filled with many squares.

Next, look at the left-hand menu, where players can find resources for building. A blue and orange dummy can be chosen from the “heart” icon. You can turn the two characters into anything with the combination of other resources.

Many unique machines can be found on the smaller menus, such as guns, knives, bombs, and many others. It is possible to set up mannequin wars with them. Getting into gunfights, duel fights, knife fights, or bomb fights is possible. You can turn any idea into a visual in Melon Playground’s sandbox interface.

How to install 

  • To download Melon Playground, click “Download” at the bottom of the page.
  • In the “settings” menu, select “unknown installations”.
  • Install the downloaded file by clicking on it. After that, the installation usually takes 1 minute.
  • You can play the game right away after installing it.


As a result, this is a sandbox game where you can create and destroy things at your leisure. When you play, you can have fun and relieve stress. The game is easy to use and offers a high degree of replayability. You’ll have a more hypnotic gaming experience with Melon Playground MOD APK monster.

In the future, once the platform is made open source, there will be more profound changes. Meanwhile, we welcome your comments and suggestions. It’s been a top playlist in RS Mobile for a while, and we expect this app only to enhance your gaming experience. You can also get the Getting Over It MOD APK from this website.


Does it work offline?

Yes! You can play this game without having internet access or being connected to Wi-Fi networks. When using this app because it doesn’t require any additional downloads after installation.

Is it safe to download?

Yes, we scan all our downloads with multiple antivirus engines and malware scanners. We guarantee that MelMod for Melon Playground mod apk is 100% safe and secure



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