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Getting Over It MOD APK is a unique game for a particular type of people. This is a game for negative-minded people who want to hurt themselves. Getting Over It MOD APK is a climbing game, followed by punishment. The developer designed this game by considering the actual hiking hurdles.
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Getting Over It MOD APK is designed for brave and emotionally strong people. Faint-hearted people can’t come up with this hurting game. Getting Over It MOD APK is a climbing game, followed by punishment. The developer designed this game by considering the actual hiking hurdles. It is a very annoying game with continuous tiring hiking. Getting Over It MOD APK is a frustrating game, which needs a lot of patience.


Getting Over It MOD APK is a troublesome adventure. The game makes fun of the player, stripping him of everything, leaving him depressed and bare-handed. It makes the player go crazy about losing, he keeps losing though. The player has to control a stranger on the wondrous mountain. The man has to reach the top of the mountain with the help of a sledgehammer.

How To Play

In Getting Over It MOD APK you have to climb up a colossal hill with the help of a hammer along with a pot. You reposition the hammer by moving the cursor, and that’s all you have to do in this game. By using some tactics, you can climb, turn around, swing, leap, jump, and even jump up higher to fly. Strange mysterious clues and a few fascinating rewards await the great players to keep moving forward to reach the mountaintop.


In-Game Problems

Getting Over It MOD APK has a mountain covered with dangerous rocks and ledges. The risky hiking takes the player to the edge of his patience, as once he fails to climb a step and falls down, all his progress on the mountain is lost. You will have to again start from the first rock. The playtime of this game can range from 2 hours to never-ending.

Save Or Restart?

The game Getting Over It MOD APK is formed on the basis of the principle “got something to lose”. In the game, you have to control a man who has to climb a mountain using a hammer only. The game is just struggling to climb a mountain and fall down to the beginning of the hiking track, with a glimpse of already-seen trees and ledges. It creates anger in players when occurred repeatedly.

Sound And Graphics

Getting Over It MOD APK is least concerned with the fascinating scenes and bright graphics. This game only focuses on hiking the mountain tactfully. The grave sound and dull picture depict the challenging nature of the game.

Only a garbage-full rocky mountain is the game’s whole scene.


MOD Features

Getting Over It MOD APK has updated fun features. Firstly, you will get the option to abate the gravity to a level, resulting in higher and longer jumps. It will help in crossing larger distances by a single jump. Second is the upgrade of the speed option, which increases the speed of the hiking man. Both these features may help to reach the mountain top sooner.

Final words

This game is explicitly different with a torturous flow. Usually, games focus on users’ fun and comfort, with an upgrade of stages and achievements on different levels. Whereas this game does not allow us to predict its ending time, as we don’t know when we would be able to reach the mountaintop. It also boosts the players’ patience level.

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